Packaging made of corrugated and solid cardboard

BluePOS is a manufacturer of packaging and cartons made of corrugated and solid cardboard. We offer our clients all kinds of cardboard packaging, shaped cardboard boxes, lid-bottom cardboard boxes and other advertising materials made of cardboard, in accordance with the expectations of the ordering party.

Shaped and laminated packaging

Packaging is the carrier of information to which customers devote their attention, which often influences the decision to purchase a given product. Currently, packaging not only protects the product, but also advertises its advantages. Team BluePOS produces both unit boxes and collective cartons. We also make corrugated cardboard packaging glued automatically to 6 points. We are happy to show our capabilities during the implementation of non-standard orders, providing professional opinion in the selection of materials, shapes or dimensions of elegant special packaging.

Discover the full offer of the manufacturer of cardboard packaging – laminated and shaped

PACKAGING SRP (Shelf – Ready Packaging) is packaging designed to be displayed on a store shelf. It is not only a perfect security solution in transport to the destination, but above all an invaluable marketing tool used at every point of sale. They are designed so that you can transfer products in bulk from the packaging to the shelf, instead of stacking them piece by piece.

BIB PACKAGING (Bag-In-Box) bag in box. This type of packaging has been designed to extend the shelf life of liquid or semi-liquid industrial and food products. The outer box with an advertising print is made of corrugated cardboard or solid cardboard, which ensures protection of the goods during transport.