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Stands and displays

BluePOS specialises in the production of carton stands and displays which are a perfect form of exhibition, maintaining an ecological aspect. Our stands, thanks to innovative solutions and using an attractive design, are not only protecting the products but also presenting the offered products in a modern and attractive way. We make a project of construction as well as prototypes and models for every one of our clients, depending on his needs and demands.

In our offer we have:

  • Hook stands
  • Shelf stands
  • Pallet stands
  • Figure stands
  • Individual stands
  • Counter stands


The automatic advertising display, QuickDisplay has been designed having in mind the most demanding clients. It is an ideal, user-friendly tool for supporting any promotional campaigns using the POS materials.

The priority during the designing process was creating a display from cardboard, which would be characterised by the highest quality of execution, and will be user-friendly, saving user's time, space in a storage or a boot of a company car. QuickDisplay is produced of one sheet of cardboard (white on both sides EE, made of Kraft materials) and therefore it is characterised by the highest quality of execution and guarantees a proper presentation of a product in the place of sale. It is a fully automatic solution – installing a stand takes only a few seconds and, what's very important, takes place at a destination (the place of sale).

Thanks to this, user saves a lot of time and increases his effectiveness. What's equally important, an installed stand does not take much space, so more of them can be placed in a company car. It is a perfect choice for presenting and selling all kinds of materials and products, especially in the field FMCG goods, where promotional marketing activities are short and frequent. The lifting power of one shelf is up to 30kg, thanks to what QuickDisplay will also be useful in sales support of hard products, such as alcohol and drinks. One should also pay attention to the short time of production. We need only one week from placing an order to realise it.