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Die-cutting and laminating

Professional laminating (gluing together two sheets of paper, cardboard, or carton) is also a part of our offer. Thanks to this technique we usually join offset printed paper or carton with a multilayered or corrugated board. Thanks to this, a packaging or an advertising product is both attractive and resistant.

In advertising, laminating is done during the process of producing POS materials, e.g. displays, stands, packagings, cartons, advertising stands, and others.


zAlpha Luna 300...One of BluePOS' main services is die-cutting and hot-stamping. We die cut offset paper, self-adhesive paper, carton, and cardboard. We are able to stamp a carton dry and do the hot-stamping, thanks to the use of special matrixes and males. Productions are made on machine for the format of 1060 x 760 mm.




zPloter 300At untypical or low cost orders and prototypes we use Kongsberg cutting plotter to 1600 x 1200 mm and manual crucible to 1220 x 1650 mm.






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