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Folding and automatic gluing is performed on a 6-point Bobst Domino 110 M II gluing machine. This machine can work when gluing boxes made of cardboard and corrugated cardboard. Both linear, automatic bottom and 4-puncture trays are not a problem for quality and high glue performance. The glue detection system and the barcode scanner provide the highest quality and diligence.




zfelix gluer 300The Felix Gluer automatic adhesive plotter is a modern solution for the precise application of hot and cold glue. The machine allows simultaneous application of glue to several elements of different shapes. Glue is applied at high speed and precision, the thickness of the glue path is the same throughout its length and also at the corners, giving the highest quality of the final product.




zSrubki 300In our stands, in addition to gluing, we also use plastic screws and hooks for shelves. Works that can not be realized on machines, we perform by hand. Glued and assembled products are shipped to the customer in a flat box. In the case of large size stands, we attach a short assembly instruction for the product to the customer.