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  • Our clients' satisfaction is our main aim.

    We guarantee the highest quality of our products and carefulness in execution.
  • The company's development, mission, vision, aim

    Our priority is the continuous improvement of our products' quality.
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BluePOS is a producer of packaging and cardboard boxes from cardboard and corrugated board. We offer all kinds of packagings from cardboard, shaped cartons, lid-bottom cartons, and other materials, addressing the expectations of an ordering person.

A packaging is an information carrier on which clients focus their attention, and which often influences their decisions concerning a purchase of a particular product. Now, a packaging does not only have a protective function, but it can also advertise the product's merits. The BluePos team produces both single and collective boxes. We also produce packagings which are automatically glued in 6 points. We willingly show our capabilities during the execution of non-standard orders, when we offer expert opinion in the choice of materials, shapes, or size of elegant special packagings.

SRP (Shelf – Ready Packaging) packagings are packagings created to be displayed on shop bookcases. They are not only a perfect protective solution in transporting to a destination, but also, above all, an invaluable marketing tool used in every store. They have been designed in such a way that the products from packagings can be moved collectively (not put one after one) onto a shelf.

BIB (Bag-In-Box) packagings, so called bag-in-box. Packagings of this type have been designed to increase durability of liquid and semi-liquid industrial and food products. The outer box, produced of cardboard box and corrugated board, provides protection of a product during transport.